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Welcome to Unified Dwelling

A Place for youth to grow! A Place for positive changes! A Place for aspirations!

Our Mission

The mission of Unified Dwelling is to aid, counsel and protect high risk juveniles from potentially abusive environments, destructive behavior or family instability. To inspire young people to rise above their present situation, to obtain the greatness they are destined for and to provide confidence, self-esteem, support, security, and understanding in a peaceful environment for troubled youth.

Our Vision

Unified Dwelling aims to increase moral behavior and good intent while decreasing wrongful doings and eliminating self-destruction within each individual that walks through our doors. Provide a caring and nurturing home environment. Where each child’s needs are addressed on an individual basis. Establish a network of individuals and corporations that will assist in the short and long-term care and growth of the children.

Our Values

Unity: together we can accomplish anything. Compassion: caring after one another shows good people exist in the world. Greatness: we aim to be the best that we can be. Integrity: honesty keeps the soul pure. Growth: help to develop individuals with new ideas so they can grow. Diversity: although we are different we love all humans equally. Respect: everyone treats everyone respectfully.

Services we offer

Unified Scholars

Unified Scholars is an online life skills program as well as an educational scholarship fund for youth that is associated…

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