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Unified Scholars is an online life skills program as well as an educational scholarship fund for youth that is associated to our parent company, Unified Dwelling, or any of its affiliates. The founder of our parent company identified life skills that are not always taught to children. A yearlong research project revealed that children lacked the ability to deal with a multitude of issues such as bullying, violence, dropping out of school, low self-esteem, substance abuse, poverty, self-hatred, disabilities and many other issues. These issues are on our list to direct change through our Life Skills Program. The teaching would include the necessary life skill techniques such as how to communicate effectively, making good decisions, preparing for college, career prepping, time management, problem solving, preparation for entrepreneurship, goal setting, financial literacy and more. Our Unified Scholars Educational Fund is an added benefit to assist children in reaching their dreams and goals. The endowment fund is allocated to three deserving students each year. With our programs in place, Unified Scholars believes that we will influence change in adolescents for a better future.