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Unified Dwelling developed programs that focuses on the gifts and talents of the children at our facilities. The goal is to equip them with professional skills before they leave our facility. The importance is that our organization also focuses on the individual skills and talents of our children. This is vital, as we know highly skilled individuals are bound to be employed in the future. Thus, we are confident that our children would be willing to be well-trained in business and money-making opportunities. They will commit time and energy to learn any worthy cause, or business skill so once they enter the real world they will be prepared.

Our company envisages collaborating with our local community to help our children become independent and self-sufficient. This could be achieved through them obtaining the skills of a marketable trade, and learning to earn money from it. We would like to invite independent contractors, local business owners, or any other professionals to join us in teaching our youth for a future of honing their skills and earning a living from it. We would appreciate your input to guide our children, through apprenticeship, to gain invaluable insights, knowledge, and career advice from people who are already successful in fields and it do not necessarily have to require a traditional college degree.

Our company hopes that, at the very least, each child would be guided to discover their talents to pursue their dreams. It is important to create talented individuals with an excellent work ethic, and principles. That is, we firmly believe that the sky is the limit for every child that walks through our doors no matter their circumstances. At Unified Dwelling, we will make every effort to instill in them that they can become successful at anything they decide to pursue